Pars Fanavaran Kharazm (PFG) activities in 2015

Pars Fanavaran Kharazm

Pars Fanavaran Kharazm (PFG) activities in 2015

Pars Fanavaran Kharazm Co. (spooler.ir) has been actively involved in the production of security.hardware and software products since 2006.

The aim of its establishment.has been to offer original and native security products for national and local use. The products are also available to international clients. The company has created UTM/UPM, firewall, WAF, Accounting, Balancer, SimplyDesk, etc.

from the time it.was.established.
At present its products include: Spooler UTM, Spooler Firewall (SolarX), Spooler WAF, Spooler LAN Accounting, Spooler Link/Load Balancer, Spooler Parsa (for schools). The services offered by the company include: Network & Server Support Services, Effective IT Consultation and Guidelines, Network Communication and implementation Solutions, ISMS Design and Implementation, etc.

Simplydesk is the company’s latest product. It is a Helpdesk/Servicedesk combination, designed in cooperation with the French PCI Siège Social company, specifically for the Iranian market. The product is a reactive service for the customer pool (internal or external). They ask their questions and they get answers quickly and efficiently.

For support agents, it is a central software; fast, efficient and accessible everywhere; which allows personnel to process requests/tickets.

For the manager, it is a relevant monitoring service for quality of customer service through usable and clear statistics.
This year at the.2nd Native Cyber Industry exhibition, the new Spooler WAF product.was introduced as its latest.product.

Spooler UTM was chosen as a.top product at the same exhibition.and Pars Fanavaran Kharazm was issued a.letter of appreciation as a top company at.this venue.

In 2014 Pars Fanavaran Kharazm.introduced Spooler Firewall (SolarX) which was.recognized as the.best product at.the 1st Native Cyber.Industry exhibition.

In the same year the.company received a letter.of appreciation as a top company.from the IRI Ministry.of Defence being.recognized for highest throughput.data handling capability of a.firewall in the country.

In the same year the company won the best stand award at ELECOMP 2014 in Iran.

Pars Fanavaran Kharazm

Another product ordered and produced by PFG for the IRI Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology is Pasad Filtering (Parental Control Software), designed to increase quality of culture in Iran.

The software has been downloaded over 450,000 times so far.
Pars Fanavaran Kharazm has participated in numerous International and specialized local exhibitions and seminars including the Native Cyber Industry and ELECOMP exhibitions.

The company was established in 2002 and was registered as Pars Fanavaran Kharazm Co. in Tehran in 2006. Company activities include providing expert security services, penetration testing, and network security products.

We began our activities by producing native security products in order to promote native security in IRI, independence from foreign products, open source capability, creation of a specialized work force in the local market, etc.

Our slogan is “Security cannot be imported!” We rely on this slogan and our customers for our success.
Pars Fanavaran Kharazm Co. has over 12 years of specialized experience in the field of security product manufacture and providing of a variety of network services.

We are one of the major security product companies in IRI with abundant experience and many successful projects in our resume. The company relies on the experience and knowledge of the best specialists and consultants as well as our own experienced workforce.

We can provide any type of specialized security services.

Our products are of highest quality, cost-effective and installed in a minimum of time.

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